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RSV – What is it and does my child have it?

RSV can be a dangerous virus causing children to struggle breathing and become dehydrated. Older adults can also be in danger of developing complications such as pneumonia. Getting help for RSV quickly can prevent needing more medical care.
Dec 27th, 2019

Do I have a cold or is it the flu?

My Urgent Care Clinic in Boerne can help patients know if they have the common cold or the flu. Flu in children and older patients can be dangerous and should be diagnosed. Flu is contagious the day before symptoms develop.
Dec 2nd, 2019

Should I go to the clinic or the emergency room

My Urgent Care clinic in Boerne can address pediatric concerns as well as those of the older population. My Urgent Care Clinic can address most conditions that bring people to the ER for a fraction of the cost. #geriatric urgent care, #pediatric,
Nov 28th, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

My Urgent Care Clinic in Boerne is open Thanksgiving and can see patients from out of town. My Urgent Care Clinic can treat burns, breaks, coughs and congestion as well as the flu and other illness that we don't want to experience while traveling,
Nov 26th, 2019

" I think I need and x-ray. Where can I get one"

Broken Bones, Sprains and Strains happen and My Urgent Care Clinic in Boerne is the best and quickest option. Our providers can even provide referrals to specialists if needed. #Urgent Care in Boerne, # Xray in Boerne, #pedicatric urgent care, # Sprains
Nov 22nd, 2019

Do I just have Allergies or could it be more serious?

Knowing if your cough is a result of allergies or something more serious is important. Getting your cough treated at My Urgent Care Clinic can help you feeling better as well as catch any other conditions that may be present as well.
Nov 18th, 2019

Let My Urgent Care Clinic help you!

We are the Urgent Care near you to address all your urgent care needs from Pediatric urgent care to the flu or a fracture - we are here to help.
Nov 14th, 2019

I have a fever - what does this mean?

Fevers can be concerning. My Urgent Care clinic can help. Pediatric fevers can be cause for concern as well. Consulting with a provider about your fever can let you know what treatment is needed.
Nov 12th, 2019

When should I use the Urgent Care for my child?

My Urgent Care Clinic can provide pediatric care after hours and when parents can't get an appointment with the pediatrician. My Urgent Care Clinic strives to go above and beyond for all our patients ages 0-99!
Nov 8th, 2019

I think my child as the Flu?

My Urgent Care Clinic can address pediatric urgent care needs such as treating the Flu. Trusted medical professionals at My Urgent Care Clinic can treat pediatric urgent care needs.
Nov 4th, 2019

Sinus Headaches - what can you do about them?

The Sinus Headache may be confused with a Migraine. Identifying the cause such as a sinus infection may help in getting quick treatment. My Urgent Care Clinic in Boerne can diagnose and treat the sinus headache and it the causes.
Oct 30th, 2019

My Throat hurts - do I have Strep?

Strep throat is common in children and adults andis easily spread through sneezing and coughing. Symptoms are a sore throat and fever but may also include a stomach ache. It is easily diagnosed and treated. Visiting the urgent care can make you feel better
Oct 7th, 2019

Respiratory Season is Coming

The time of year for coughs and colds and more... What is causing your coughs and what to do about it. #cough,#flu,#pneumonia,#bronchitis
Sep 25th, 2019

The Belly Blues

Is it just an upset stomach or something more serious? Is it contagious? Why are my intestines revolting? #stomach flu, #gastroenteritis, #vomiting, #food poisoning
Sep 20th, 2019

Do I Need Stitches?

Knowing when to get stitches and where to go can save time and money. My Urgent Care Clinic can address lacerations. #UrgentCare, #stitches, #lacerations, #infections, #Boerne
Sep 9th, 2019
Strep throat

Strep in the Summer?!

Strep throat doesn't only happen during the school year. Sore throat and fever can be signs that the very contagious bacteria is present. Early detection and treatment can minimize exposure to others and more complicated and serious infections.
Jul 25th, 2019

School Physicals What Do They Accomplish?

School and Sports physicals are important and required. While most assure coaches and parents that their students are healthy, sometimes they can find issues that can save a life. Ruling out cardiac issues, hernias, scoliosis are the value of the physical
Jul 18th, 2019

Ear Pain: Is it time to see a doctor?

Ear Pain can disrupt the day and be miserable - Is it allergies, strep, the flu or something else? Coming in to see the doctor can help get your pain diagnosed and treated quickly. My Urgent Care Clinic- Boerne can get you back to life quickly.
Jul 16th, 2019

Summer is here! The Dangers of Dehydration

While we've been unseasonably cool, the warmer days are coming. Understanding the signs and dangers of dehydration and what to do when it happens is useful in avoiding more complicated illnesses associated with being in the heat.
Jun 12th, 2019

Oh No!!! Lice!!

It is back to school time- kids close together and often times that can lead to Lice. #Lice, #scalpitching, #backtoschool
Sep 6th, 2019

Greatest Medical Innovations

What are some top medical innovations? X-ray, antibiotics, vaccines and technology are among the differences in the medical field from yesteryear.
Aug 27th, 2019

The Belly Flu

Stomach Flu, Gastroenteritis, Norovirus, Urgent Care, dehydration
Apr 30th, 2019

Vaccines - Do they Work

Kendall County is one of the counties leading the state in children without vaccines. Understanding the history and how these vaccines work is important to the health of our community. Dr. Turner explains how we know they work and how important they are.
Feb 25th, 2019

Job Posting

My Urgent Care has a position available for Clinic Manager
Feb 21st, 2019

Medication Management

You were not feeling well. You came to My Urgent Care Clinic - Boerne. You were treated and given prescriptions to take the pharmacy. Now What....
Feb 18th, 2019