Strep in the Summer?!

Strep throat

Strep in the Summer? It happens!

It is a myth that Strep only happens in the winter. Strep is a nasty bacteria that tends to make our immune system very angry. While strep can show up just about anywhere, we tend to see it in two major locations – the throat and the skin.

Bug bites or cuts can introduce strep to the skin. The area will get very hot, red, sore and generate a lot of pus. This is referred to as Cellulitis, but a more common term is a bacterial infection of the skin. These red skin infections are nearly all caused by Staph and the bacteria strep.

The most common of strep infections clinics see are in the throat. Strep throat is very common. While some children never get strep throat, many will get it a few times or see repeated episodes. Many children can have strep and feel fine while others will show symptoms of a cold and most will run a fever.

So why do we see Strep in the summer? As it turns out – Strep loves a crowd. To spread, the strep has to travel from one person to another. Pack kids into a crowd, summer camp cabin, travel bus, parks, pools and voila, the Strep Highway opens up! It seems the days of rare summer time strep throats are gone as more and more kids have action packed group activities rather than riding bikes around the neighborhood and just a few hanging out in the fort in the back yard.

While it is no longer considered a dangerous infection, Strep can be very painful. We treat so that the course of the infection is shortened and will prevent the bacteria from traveling around the body any further. To be certain- Strep does not discriminate to the younger population. Junior can pass it on to Mom or Dad and even Grandma and Grandpa. Things get a bit more complicated when the grandparents come in contact with Strep as we worry about Sepsis.   Due to this concern the need for treatment becomes more urgent and not to be taken lightly.

If you or someone in your home is showing symptoms the best way to confirm is come into your nearest clinic and get a strep test. While sometimes a false negatives can happen-the rapid strep test is the quickest way to get a confirmation and treatment. My Urgent Care Clinic is available every day of the week from 8am to 8pm and can diagnosis and treat strep throat.




Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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