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Beyond Bumps and Bruises, Sniffles and Sneezes - More than Just Urgent Care

Beyond Bumps and Bruises, Sniffles and Sneezes - More than just Urgent Care!

Most of us associate the local urgent care clinic as the “go to” for illnesses or inuries only and when we can’t see our regular physician or even worse the same as the Emergency Room. Many patients have been shocked when they realize the cost of going to an emergency room as opposed to the urgent care clinic. However, in today’s environment of immediacy, the rising cost of insurance and the complicated nature of navigating managed care, most turn to an urgent care clinic in an acute situation. Recognizing that some clinics such as My Urgent Care Clinic are not only for immediate care but can also offer an array of services to meet the health needs of patients outside of acute needs can make the difference in a person’s healthcare.

The medical community is seeing a shortage of primary care physicians as medical students are opting for the more lucrative specializations. The result of this shortage means longer waits for appointments and less time a provider can spend with a patient. A more effective option for busy families is an urgent care clinic that can provide acute care and a variety of other services. My Urgent Care Clinic is one that strives to meet the needs of the community by providing much more than immediate care.  Vaccination boosters may be administered as well as providing physicals for sports and schools.  With the advances in technology- all providers in the clinic have access to previous visits providing cohesive care when needed. This includes important details such as prescriptions and past injuries or ailments. No matter how minor a detail this may seem, there may come a time when the immediate access to these records make a crucial difference and the availability of them at an reputable facility such as My Urgent Care Clinic saves valuable time.

Urgent Care provides the alternative to the traditional office hours of a primary care clinic. Meeting health needs rarely happens during normal office hours. Having the time to take away from school or work is more and more difficult and many offices include long wait times. Clinics such as My Urgent Care Clinic offer extended hours from 8am to 8pm every day of the week making health care more convenient. Having established care at the clinic by pre-registering your information before your first will make these visits even more efficient and timely.

Most people don’t think about needing a doctor until they do. When that happens, whether it is for fever or a physical, being established as a patient expedites the process of being seen. Having your forms completed and contact information entered in the system at My Urgent Care Clinic assures that you will be seen quickly. Patients are encouraged to come in and “establish care” prior to the time that you need us. Stop by, fill out your forms and have a cup of coffee and take a tour when the need is not urgent and then when it is – we are here to provide expediant services.   Of course a patient is welcome when the situation requires immediate care. My Urgent Care Clinic is ready even if you aren’t established so never hesitate to consider that your urgent care clinic is available when you need us every day of the week! Be Well – Live Well.

Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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