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I think my child as the Flu?

My child may have the Flu…

You have just received that call from the school nurse that every parent dreads “ your child is running a fever and you need to come get him or her”.   You covered all you bases – got the flu shot, washed hands and still the flu seems to be the culprit. Your child has a cough, body aches and a fever and you wonder if it is the Flu. The Flu does not show up when it is convenient to see the Pediatrician and this is the time to use an Urgent Care clinic for your pediatric urgent care needs. Using an urgent care clinic can be an effective alternative until you can see your pediatrician.

A rapid flu test is one method used to confirm the presence of the flu however they can have some false negative results. Before the flu test was available, diagnosis was dependent on a provider’s assessment and even now many providers will diagnosis based on the symptoms present. It is important to be seen by a trusted medical professional as soon as possible to get an assessment in addition to the rapid test to get started on a treatment plan that is appropriate as well as ruling out any secondary infections.  

Some common symptoms of the flu are:

While rest and fluids are the standard, seeing a medical professional can determine if your child is in need of additional medication. My Urgent Care Clinic can address your pediatric urgent care needs every day of the week from 8am-8pm at 910 River Road. You don’t need an appointment to be seen with minimal wait time. My Urgent Care Clinic can be reached at 830-331-2391.

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