Ear Pain: Is it time to see a doctor?

Few things can disrupt the day worse than ear pain.  Symptoms can vary from a mild pain to sever.  You may have a fever associated with it as well.  While some times it will resolve itself as in the case of Swimmers Ear, having a medical professional take a look and give you a definitive diagnosis is the fastest way to get you on the road to recovery.  There may be several reasons why your ear hurts. 


A middle ear infection can range from mildly painful to severe pain accompanied with nasal congestion and or a cough (usually proceeding the pain).  Sometimes you will have a fever as well.  This can get progress to the extent that there may be ear drainage as the pressure builds and the eardrum ruptures. 


If there is not an infection present, the patient may have mild pain but a feeling of fullness and maybe some decreased hearing. Infection of the ear canal may cause itching and significant ear pain when pulling on the ear lobe.  This is sometimes called swimmers ear because water getting trapped in the canal.  Another cause is inserting cotton swabs into the ear and bacteria get introduced to the ear canal.  


While there are many causes for ear pain - being seen by a medical provider is important to rule out something more serious.  Your Urgent Care clinic is the most efficient method to get your ear pain diagnosed and treated.  My Urgent Care Clinic in Boerne can see you every day of the week from 8am to 8pm and there is no appointment needed.  My Urgent Care takes most insurance and can get you back to feeling better soon. 



Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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