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It looks like the Flu and feels like the Flu but isn't - what is wrong?

It looks like the flu and feels like the flu but isn’t…

You are feverish, have body aches, coughing and congested. You are certain that you have the flu and head over to the clinic to get tested and treated but your test comes back negative. The flu isn’t the only virus that can leave you feeling generally miserable this winter- the adenovirus can cause similar symptoms as the flu. Adenovirus are prolific viruses and can cause a variety of illness such as pneumonia, gastrointestinal illness, conjunctivitis (pink eye) and even urinary tract infections. There are actually 52 strains.

The CDC says that adenoviruses may also cause diarrhea, conjunctivitis (pink eye), bladder inflammation or infection, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, bronchitis, and neurologic disease, which affects the brain and spinal cord.

Both influenza and adenoviruses are easily spread. To protect your self, the CDC encourages frequent hand washing; not touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands; and avoiding contact with those who are sick. If you are sick – going to My Urgent Care Clinic to be tested and treated for the flu or other viruses can help minimize the spread as well as get you feeling better sooner. Located at 910 River Road, My Urgent Care Clinic sees patients on a walk in basis and can help you feel better.  Don't wait when you are feeling ill and risk serious complications or spreading viruses to others. 

Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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