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When should I use the Urgent Care for my child?

Not sure if you should take your child to an Urgent Care? Did you know that an urgent care clinic can address most of the after hour needs for pediatric care. Some reasons to bring your child to an urgent care clinic when you can't see your pediatrician are:

* Signs of illness that come on suddenly or get worse while your pediatrician is closed
* Signs of an allergic reaction
* Minor injuries during sports or other activities or resulting from an accident, such as sprains, strains, bumps, bruises, and burns
* Removal of foreign objects from ears, nose, or skin

My Urgent Care Clinic can provide your pediatrician with the information of care your child received if follow up is needed as well as provide referrals if you need one. My Urgent Care Clinic can meet your Pediatric Urgent Care needs every day of the week from 8am to 8pm without an appointment and we accept most insurances.  We are located at 910 River Road. My Urgent Care Clinic is  delighted to to be a resource for parents, coaches, schools and the community of Boerne and surrounding areas. For any questions the clinic can be reached at 830-331-2391.

Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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