Spring Sports and Summer Camps are around the corner! Get your Physicals.

If your child needs a sports or camp physical before heading off to summer camp, head to My Urgent Care on River Road. Our board-certified clinicians offer comprehensive camp physicals seven days a week with extended weekday hours, so you can get your child’s physical at a time that works for you. Beat the rush and get it done early!

Benefits of a Camp Physical

A camp physical is critical to ensure campers and counselors are ready to enjoy the full camp experience: hikes, swimming, learning new skills, making new friends and more! There are a number of reasons to have a physical check-up before participating in these activities, and why they are generally required by the camp and the state.

It is important to know general health and potential health hazards. A camp physical ensures your child can participate in all camp activities. The clinician at My Urgent Care will review his or her medical and immunization history, examine vision, and assess your child’s mobility and general health to determine if there are problems that could interfere with participation in camp. During the physical, your clinician can evaluate preexisting conditions, such as asthma, and make recommendations for medications or improved treatments.

It’s best not to get a camp physical done at the last minute, so you have time to update immunizations and follow any advice our clinicians may have.

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