Why Visit an Urgent Care Clinic?

In the past if a person was injured or ill after hours or on the weekend the first "go to" would be the emergency room.  This historically has resulted in long waits and very short visits with a physician.  In current times with the rising cost of health care, a visit to the ER can also require a deep dip in the pocketbook.  This means making quick non life threatning health care treatments difficult for patients.  These issues so regularly encountered in the ER could be avoided by patients, if they instead visit an urgent care clinic.

What is an urgent care clinic? Urgent care centers are quick and affordable places to go when a patient has a non-life-threatening illness or condition.  These centers like My Urgent Care Clinic are staffed by doctors and various medical assistants, all of whom are qualified to deal with patient health issues by appointment and on a walk-in basis. Most, if not all, centers offer pediatric urgent care, care for seniors, and care for everyone else in between.

What exactly can an urgent care center treat? Facilities such as My Urgent Care specialize in treating non-life-threatening conditions.  Some injuries and illnesses may require a higher level of care than at a walk-in clinic but even in these circumstances an Urgent Care Clinc can stabilize and even refer you to a specialist or direct admit to a hospital.   However, there are still many services that urgent care can provide for you. Treatment for cold and flu symptoms, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, and respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis are all easily taken care of in a clinic. Minor injuries such as bug bites, back pain, sprains, and other musculoskeletal issues can also be treated by urgent care doctors.  A clinic like My Urgent Care in Boerne can also provide lab work for blood testing, drug testing, or other diagnostic services and have X-ray equipment and technicians on-staff.

It is hard to beat the convenience of an Urgent Care Clinic in our busy lifestyles.  Urgent care clinics are often able to help patients quickly.   In some cases, staff members can diagnose and treat conditions beyond those of a typical doctor's office, which is a serious advantage for those are unable to miss work or school or who can't wait hours or days for a doctor's appointment. This provides busy families with an alternative to many health care needs.  My Urgent Care Clinic even shares a building with a pharmacy so one less trip needs to be made after seeing a provider in the clinic.

Urgent care centers charge a great deal less than hospitals and sometimes even doctor's offices. Urgent care facilities can accept insurance, and they are also a better option for those who lack it. Where an ER bill can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, with or without insurance, urgent care centers can provide similar treatment for certain conditions at a fraction of the cost.  Some clinics like My Urgent Care Clinic may offer Membership or Concierge options that end up being less than a traditional co-pay for a family. 

As patients become more savy in health care options, Urgent Care Clinics provide an excellent resouce for non emergent needs.  While not to replace the Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care is an excellent alternative in many instances. 


Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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