The Belly Blues

The Belly Blues

We call it the Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis. Maybe it is from food poisoning or maybe it is viral. The symptoms are similar and miserable. The signs and symptoms are unmistakable:

Depending on the cause, symptoms may appear a few days after you are infected (which is one reason this can spread like wildfire in environments such as school or work. Because the symptoms are similar, it's easy to confuse viral diarrhea with diarrhea caused by bacteria, such as Clostridium difficile, salmonella and E. coli, or parasites, such as giardia.

The inability to keep liquids down for 24 hours, vomiting for more than two days, blood in the stool or vomit and signs of dehydration such as little or very dark urine and severe weakness are indicators that you should seek medical treatment. A medical provider can work to discover the cause and treat your symptoms before they require more aggressive treatment or even hospitalization. My Urgent Care Clinic is available every day of the week from 8am to 8pm to help diagnose and treat the Belly Blues. Getting quick treatment can also help the spread of a virus in school or work. No appointment is needed and walk-ins are encouraged at My Urgent Care.  

Dawn Elder Business Development Director

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