We are testing for COVID-19 by appointment and offer the following tests:

ANTIGEN TESTS - a nasal swab that identifies if you have an active infection whether you have symptoms or not.

**Results are given to you before you leave the clinic.

An antigen is a molecule or structure present on the outside of a pathogen. 

Antigen tests are typically used for early identification of an active infection in symptomatic patients and have identified active infections in asymptomatic patients.

These tests identify the virus through detection of nucleoproteins, similar to influenza tests. 

Viral antigens can often be detected in samples taken from nasal passages and from the throat. 



ANTIBODY TESTS – a quick finger prick that identifies if you have been previously exposed to the virus.

**Results are given to you before you leave the clinic.

Antibodies are proteins that the body’s white blood cells produce to fight infection, which may remain in the blood long after the infection clears.

Antibody tests identify active (IgM) or past (IgG) infections by looking for antibodies against the specific virus.

Antibody tests look for exposure to a pathogen resulting in the generation of an immune response, e.g. increase in IgG/IgM antibodies. The immune response may take days or weeks to show up in a serology assay post-exposure.

Antibodies are typically detected in blood samples; either whole blood or serum/plasma.

Antibody tests typically cannot diagnose the disease immediately after exposure, as antibodies may take 1-3 weeks to develop.

A positive antibody test indicates that a person had an immune response to SARS-CoV-2 regardless of the presence of symptoms.  Whether antibodies may indicate immunity to further infection is still being investigated by the healthcare community.


Please call our office at 830-331-2391 to schedule your Rapid test.


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